is here to represent the voice of young professionals working within the wonderfully diverse fields of historic preservation and preservation architecture. As young professionals in the field, the founders of felt today’s generation of preservation professionals needed a voice, needed a place to connect, needed a place to work and learn from one another. is all of this, and more. signifies an effort to take our field to the next level and to redefine preservation for our generation and the next. is designed to facilitate open discussions between students, professionals, and enthusiasts of any field related to adapting, conserving, maintaining, preserving or restoring the existing and new built environments. A common ground of projects, opinions and debates that discuss the ever-changing and still-living histories of urban and rural environments will serve as the foundation for this discussion. We hope to create conversations that draw people from throughout the United States and abroad, and we hope that people of all ages and levels of expertise will join in the discussion.

We invite you to have a look, to ask questions, to suggest or contribute articles and topics, to voice your opinions, to provoke your certainties or uncertainties. Our hope is that through this digital platform of discussion we will all begin to challenge and develop our understanding of historic preservation and preservation architecture, and the unique role they both play in our lives.


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